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  • Wicked Comic Con - Boston, MA

    August 10-11 we will be setting up at Wicked Comic Con at the Westin Seaport Hotel in Boston. Come join us there for a "wicked" good time.

    Wicked Comic Con

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Sign up between now and July 1st, 2024 and become a founding subscriber to our new monthly subscription service. As a founding subscription member you will recieve: 25% off of all subscribed series and all monthly comics will be sent bagged and boarded free of charge.

So signup now. Remember, Luna-Tech comics is your local comic shop that delivers to you! Click Below for more infromation.

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For those looking for an alternative to Slabbing!!

Protection Through Innovation

Using a robust UV resistant polycarbonate shell, the ComicCapsule brings peace of mind for the avid collector whether you want to safely store them or show off your collection with pride. Please check them out at ComicCapsule

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